User Agreement

Welcome to our product or service (hereinafter referred to as "Product"). This agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as "User") and iWaifu studio (hereinafter referred to as "We"). The agreement includes the license and rights granted to you with respect to this Product, the rights reserved by us, the description of the product and service, and some terms that may have a significant impact on your rights (including terms limiting our liability, restricting your rights, dispute resolution terms, and judicial jurisdiction terms, etc.). We have specially drawn your attention to these terms in a conspicuous manner and encourage you to read them carefully.
You confirm that you have the ability to agree to and comply with this Agreement, and you are solely responsible for all actions under this Agreement.
If you are under 18 years old, you may not use this Product!

Article 1 Disclaimer

You should fully understand and agree that before using the services provided by our product, please read and understand this disclaimer carefully. By using this product, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted all the contents of this disclaimer, and voluntarily comply with all the provisions of this disclaimer:
The accuracy and reliability of the services provided by this product cannot be fully guaranteed. We do not bear any legal liability for any direct or indirect losses incurred by users due to the use of this product service.
1. The related information output by this product is generated by computer algorithms and may be fictional. Please discern it by yourself when using it. All material images, texts, audio works and other works in this product are for study, communication, and sharing among netizens only. Unauthorized use is prohibited. As we do not own the copyright of these material images, texts, etc., authorization from the copyright owner is required for commercial use, and the relevant laws and regulations of the country must be complied with. In case of disputes arising from illegal use, all consequences shall be borne by the user.
2. It should be noted that because the model itself uses a large number of materials as machine learning samples, the style of the works generated by the information you enter when using our product may be similar to other well-known works, which may cause potential controversies. Therefore, you should be more cautious about using such content.
3. When using this product, the advice provided by it for some professional fields (including but not limited to legal, health, and medical industries) is for reference only. The relevant answers provided by this product do not constitute a treatment plan or solution for you. We do not bear any responsibilities for any consequences arising therefrom.
4. When using this product, you shall abide by this agreement and relevant laws, regulations, and rules, and shall not engage in illegal activities. The data content uploaded or input by you when using this product shall also comply with legal, regulatory, and moral standards. Any consequences arising from violations shall be borne by you.
5. When using this product, you shall protect your account information and password yourself. Any losses incurred as a result shall be borne by you.
6. When using this product, you shall not infringe upon our or the rights of any third party (including but not limited to copyright, patent, trademark, and portrait rights). You shall bear all responsibilities for all actions and results while using this service.
7. This product may involve algorithms and models developed by third parties, and we cannot control the accuracy and reliability of these algorithms and models. If users encounter problems caused by using these algorithms and models, they shall be responsible for the consequences themselves.
8. This product has the right to change the service content and operation strategy according to actual circumstances, and also has the right to suspend or terminate the service of the product at any time without prior notice to users.
9. You should fully understand and agree that in order to ensure the smoothness of your use of our product and that of other users, we have the right to regularly transfer or clear some of the past product data stored on the server with your prior notification.
10. You should fully understand and agree that we strive to maintain a healthy and safe network environment, but due to technical limitations, when using the services provided by the product, you still have the risk of receiving or viewing anonymous or false information from others that is threatening, defamatory, offensive, or illegal, or infringes upon the rights of others (including intellectual property rights), or may be affected by various instabilities in the Internet. Therefore, the services provided by this product may be interrupted or unable to meet user requirements due to force majeure, virus or hacker attacks, system instability, user location, user shutdown, and other technical, internet, communication line and other reasons. In view of this, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, we do not guarantee that the product services provided will necessarily meet your requirements, nor do we guarantee that the product services provided will not be interrupted, nor do we guarantee the timeliness and security of service. The occurrence of errors and whether or not information can be transmitted accurately, timely and smoothly shall not be guaranteed. Once the above situation is discovered, you may report or complain to us or provide optimization suggestions, but we cannot bear more responsibility for this.
11. The product and product services are based on the actual situation and version provided to you. We do not guarantee that the product and product services will not have errors and interruptions; all defects have been corrected; or that the product and product services will not be damaged by viruses or any other factors. Unless otherwise required by law, we explicitly disclaim any express or implied warranty responsibilities, including but not limited to warranties of performance, applicability or non-infringement of the product and product services.
12. In any case, we shall not bear any responsibility for any losses suffered by you during the use of our product due to force majeure. Such force majeure events include but are not limited to national laws, regulations, policies, national agency orders, or other unpredictable, unavoidable, and insurmountable events, such as earthquakes, fires, snow disasters, tsunamis, typhoons, strikes, wars, etc.
13. If your behavior violates relevant laws, regulations or provisions of this Agreement, we have the right to terminate or suspend your use of any of our products in accordance with relevant provisions. We do not bear any responsibility and have the right to ask you to bear corresponding responsibilities. We will independently decide to change, terminate or suspend your use of our products and services at any time according to the proven or collected data or information, without prior notice to you, except for situations that need to be notified in advance according to relevant laws, regulations, this Agreement, or your agreement.
14. You should fully understand that there is an objective situation of incompatibility between different operating systems, which is not caused by us, and may result in the inability to smoothly transfer your recharge and product data from one operating system to another. You shall bear the risks of recharge loss and product data loss caused by switching between different systems, and we do not assume any responsibility.
15. You agree that we reserve the right to independently judge and delete any content in your account that does not comply with laws and policies, or is untrue, inappropriate, without notifying you and without assuming any responsibility. If you do not comply with this agreement, we also have the right to make independent judgments and take measures such as suspending, deleting works or closing your account, and have the right to terminate the normal use of your account at any time, without assuming any responsibility.
16. The interpretation of this disclaimer belongs to our company. If you have any questions about the content of this statement, please contact our customer service personnel.

Article 2: Registration and Login

1. In order to use our product, you may need to complete account (if any) registration in accordance with relevant laws and regulations or the requirements of this Agreement, including but not limited to inputting correct basic materials and information.
2. According to relevant laws and regulations of the country, you are required to provide your true identity information and registration information when using the product service. You are obligated to ensure the truthfulness, legality, timely validity and accuracy of the information provided, and bear legal responsibilities for all information provided. You understand and agree that if you cannot fulfill the above obligations, we have the right to refuse to provide you with all or part of the services. Any adverse consequences and legal liabilities resulting from this shall be borne by you.
3. If your information changes, you need to update it in a timely manner. If this causes our service to be provided untimely or even causes errors, we do not assume any responsibility.
4. You understand and agree that you only have the right to use the account you created. We have the right to decide to revoke the use of the account according to the situation within the maximum extent permitted by law, without further notice or consent from the user.
5. We have the right but not the obligation to verify your identity information and account information. If we find that you are using someone else's information or account to login or register our product, we have the right to refuse to provide service. Similarly, if your identity information or account information is used by someone else without legal authorization, you can contact us for assistance.
6. You are responsible for properly protecting your account and related password, and using your account and password correctly and securely. The account registered by you according to this Agreement is only for your personal use or consumption purposes. You have the rights and obligations to the actions taken by your account login in accordance with the law. You shall not share your account with third parties or transfer your account to others for use. If you fail to properly protect your account and password, or fail to use your account and password correctly and securely, any legal liability arising from the loss or theft of your account and password and infringement of your and others' civil rights shall be borne by you.
7. Our product may involve third-party platform authorized login. If you use a third-party account recognized by us to log in to our product, you should also comply with the relevant agreements, rules, policies, etc. of the third-party account. Any related issues arising from the third-party account (including but not limited to theft) shall be solved by you through contacting the third-party platform, and we may provide corresponding assistance as appropriate.
8. You understand and agree that we have the right to change some functions, service content, and rules of the product without notifying you according to our business operations and operating strategies.
9. We have the right to modify this Agreement and publish the modified agreement. The modified content will be an integral part of this Agreement, and you should also comply with it. If you log in or continue to use our relevant services, it will be deemed that you have fully read, understood and accepted the updated version of this Agreement and are willing to be bound by the updated Agreement. If you have any objections to the modified agreement, please immediately stop logging in and using our relevant services.
10. You understand and agree that we do not assume any responsibility for the suspension or termination of services caused by daily maintenance and updates or force majeure (situations that we cannot predict, prevent or foresee but cannot be stopped). If you violate laws and regulations, this Agreement, other rules, social ethics, public order and good customs, or infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others during the use of our services, we have the right to suspend or terminate all or part of the services to you without prior notice.
11. We reserve the right to terminate or partially terminate the provision of services if we deem it necessary. We will announce the suspension or termination 10 days in advance, and you should use our product properly during this period. Regardless of the reason for the termination of our product services, users should take corresponding measures to deal with the virtual items that may arise from the product, including but not limited to canceling or stopping the use of user accounts. Users cannot claim any form of compensation or compensation from us for the purchase of member services due to the comprehensive termination of our product services, including but not limited to compensation demanded due to the inability to continue using user accounts, member services, etc. Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the fees already collected will not be refunded.

Article 3: User License and Usage Guidelines

1. You can and only can use our product for personal entertainment or for the purpose of our product providing you with convenient functions. You fully understand that our product will only give feedback to your needs when you input corresponding needs into the product, and our product may or may not access third-party models. Therefore, if you use any content output by our product for commercial purposes, you need to obtain the consent of the relevant copyright holder, otherwise we have the right to terminate our services to you. At the same time, if your improper behavior causes losses to us, we will hold you responsible.
2. You understand and agree that the virtual currency you recharge in our product is part of the service we provide, and you are hereby allowed to obtain the right to use it in accordance with this Agreement. When you purchase and use virtual currency, you should fully read the relevant usage rules and restrictions, and your use behavior should comply with the requirements of this Agreement and the specific rules of the product.
3. If we discover or receive reports or complaints from others about your violation of this Agreement, we have the right to delete your related content at any time without further notice, and will impose penalties, including but not limited to warnings, restrictions or prohibitions on the use of all or part of the functions, prohibiting or even canceling your account, and the results will be notified separately.
4. You fully understand and agree that we have the right to impose penalties based on reasonable judgments for behaviors that violate relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement, take appropriate legal actions against any user who violates laws and regulations, and save relevant information as evidence. All legal liabilities arising from this are borne by you.
5. You should fully understand and agree that in order to create a fair and healthy online environment, we have the right (but not the obligation) to use technical means to understand the relevant terminal device information during your use of the services provided by our product. Once any unauthorized program that harms the normal operation of the product service is found, all relevant information will be collected and reasonable measures will be taken.
6. You should fully understand and agree that you are responsible for all your behavior in our product, including any content you post or generate and any consequences arising therefrom. You should judge the product content by yourself and bear all risks arising from the use of the services provided by our product, including risks arising from relying on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the product content. We cannot and will not be responsible for any losses or damages caused by the above risks.
7. Except for the use of negative review services as provided in this Agreement, you shall not infringe on any intellectual property rights related to our product and its components, or harm the legitimate rights and interests of any other third party.
8. Users shall not interfere with our normal provision of software and services or infringe upon our or third-party rights. Unless permitted by relevant laws or with written permission, you shall not engage in, including but not limited to, the following actions when using our product services:
(1) Deleting all copyright information and content in our product;
(2) Reverse engineering, reverse compiling, reverse decoding software or attempting to find source code, and using or disclosing the source code to any third party;
(3) Scanning, probing, or testing our product to detect, discover, and search for possible bugs (also known as vulnerabilities, defects, etc.) or weaknesses;
(4) Copying, modifying, adding, deleting, linking, or creating any derivative work software of the memory of the product terminal or the data released during the product software operation process, and the system data required for software operation, including but not limited to using unlicensed access to the software and related plugins, plugins, or third-party tools/services;
(5) Modifying or forging instructions and data in software operation; adding, deleting, or changing software functions or operating effects; or operating or disseminating software and methods for the above purposes to the public, regardless of whether the above actions are for commercial purposes;
(6) Using our product through non-developed and unauthorized third-party software, plugins, plugins, or systems, or making, distributing, and disseminating non-developed and unauthorized third-party software, plugins, ins, plugins, and systems;
(7) Using, renting, lending, copying, modifying, linking, reproducing, compiling, publishing, establishing mirror sites, or intercepting web page (network) snapshots of contents in our product that have intellectual property rights; or providing services similar to or the same as our product services to others by setting up a server;
(8) Separating any part of the product for separate use or using it for purposes that do not comply with this Agreement;
(9) Using our product name, trademark or other intellectual property rights in a manner that does not comply with this Agreement;
(10) Other actions that have not been explicitly authorized.
9. If you engage in the following behaviors during your use of our product services, you may be temporarily or permanently prohibited from using the product, and your product data and related information may be deleted. If the circumstances are serious, you may be held legally responsible in accordance with the law:
(1) Using our product services to publish, disseminate, store content that harms national security, national unity, ethnic solidarity, social stability, or insults, slanders, pornography, violence, cults, racial discrimination, false or misleading information, malicious rumors, and content that violates laws, regulations and policies; or setting up usernames, character names, etc. that contains the above content.
(2) Using our product services to publish, disseminate, store content that infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, such as intellectual property rights, trade secrets, portrait rights, and privacy rights.
(3) Engaging in any behavior that harms network security, including but not limited to: using unauthorized data or accessing unauthorized servers/accounts; accessing public networks or others' terminal systems without permission, deleting, modifying, adding, or storing information; unauthorized attempts to detect, scan, and test vulnerabilities or other behaviors that undermine network security of the "software" system or network; attempting to interfere with or disrupt the normal operation of the "software" system or website, intentionally spreading malicious programs or viruses; other behaviors that interfere with or disrupt normal network information services; and falsify (part of) the name of the data packet.
(4) Engaging in active or passive scoring, cooperation cheating, using plug-ins or other cheating software, using BUG (also known as "vulnerabilities" or "defects") to obtain unfair and illegal benefits, or publicly posting plug-ins, cheating software or BUG on the Internet.
(5) Using our product for any commercial activities, such as advertising, selling products, organizing or participating in gambling activities, implementing or participating in the theft of other people's property or virtual items, or any illegal behavior that violates interests. Once discovered, we have the right to delete all data that you obtained abnormally.
(6) Impersonating a product service administrator or forum administrator or copyright holder to publish any fraudulent or false information.
(7) Various illegal plug-in behaviors.
(8) Stealing other people's accounts or virtual currency in the account.
(9) Engaging in illegal activities such as private virtual currency transactions.
(10) Using technical defects or vulnerabilities that may exist in the network system to seek benefits for oneself and others in various forms.
(11) Using all or part of the data and information generated by using the various paid or free contents provided and stored in our product to seek benefits for oneself and others in various forms.
(12) Publicizing cheating, private servers, power-leveling, gold selling, Trojans, and other contents or publicly spreading such contents.
(13) Using the provided products and services to profit in reality without authorization, as well as other inappropriate behaviors generally recognized in the industry, whether or not they are explicitly listed in this Agreement.
(14) Other behaviors that violate laws, regulations, departmental rules and regulations, social ethics, and moral norms.

Article 4: Payment and Billing

1. The functionalities, permissions, and service effects you use in this product may depend on whether you are a paying user.
2. When you upgrade to a paid membership user, you must specify a valid payment method. You authorize us to charge the full amount of fees related to the services you selected to the account you specified, and you agree to pay all fees in accordance with applicable payment methods, terms, and conditions.
3. When you upgrade to a member in this product, no proportionate refund will be made for any fees paid before the service period ends or before the subscription is terminated, except as otherwise expressly provided in these terms. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.
4. We provide product services to users, which constitute commercial activities. Users have the right to decide whether to pay the corresponding fees based on the charging items (including but not limited to the purchase of the right to use related services and accepting other value-added services) and charging standards determined by us to obtain corresponding services. If you do not pay the corresponding fees according to the corresponding standards, you will not be able to obtain the corresponding services.
You understand and agree that changes and adjustments to the charging items or charging standards are normal business practices, and you have no right to demand compensation or compensation from us due to changes or adjustments to these items or standards.

Article 5: Third-Party Links or Pages

1. You understand and acknowledge that our product may include links to third-party websites or services that we do not own or control, and we do not make any express or implied warranties or guarantees regarding their promotional content. The accuracy of the content is for you to judge. We have no control over the content, privacy policy or practices of any third-party websites or services and assume no responsibility. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of any third-party website or service you visit before you engage in any activities.
2.If you purchase services or goods through a third-party website or link website, the legal effect of the transaction is only between you and the provider of the service or goods, and has nothing to do with us. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for any direct or indirect liability or any damages or losses arising from or allegedly arising from or related to your use or reliance on any such third-party website or service content, goods or services.
3. If you purchase, receive gifts, or obtain our product accounts or membership required for using our product from unauthorized third parties, we are not responsible for any disputes arising from this and we do not accept any complaints related to such disputes.>

Article 6: Intellectual Property Rights

1. This agreement should not be construed as granting or transferring any rights or interests, especially intellectual property rights, related to the product and product components. We own the intellectual property rights to non-product output content involved in this product, and the copyright owners of the service output content provided by this product retain the rights to such content. We do not own the intellectual property rights to any content generated by the product output. You are not permitted to use the product or any content generated by the product beyond a reasonable scope or to transfer or authorize its content without the written permission of the copyright owner.
2. For product services, you may need to provide us with content by uploading, editing or publishing. You acknowledge that regardless of whether you have intellectual property rights to any material uploaded within our product, we do not own the intellectual property rights to the content generated by the product.
3. You must use the intellectual property rights of the third party involved in the product and product components that may be involved in accordance with the methods stipulated in this agreement. If the third party has any other requirements regarding your use of such intellectual property rights based on this agreement in the product, you must also comply with them. If you violate the provisions of this agreement or infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties due to unilateral reasons, you shall bear and compensate for the losses caused thereby.

Article 7: Privacy Policy

We will comply with the national unified published privacy policy and relevant laws and regulations in the collection, use, sharing, storage, and management of personal information contained in your user information. Please refer to our privacy policy for details.

Article 8: Other Terms

1. You should avoid being involved in political and public events while using the product service, otherwise, we have the right to suspend or terminate your service.
2. The titles of all clauses in this agreement are for reading convenience only and have no actual meaning and cannot be used as a basis for interpreting the meaning of this agreement.
3. You understand and agree that we are not liable for any loss of profit, loss of use, loss of business reputation, or data loss, or any accidental, indirect, special, consequential, or punitive damages, regardless of how they occur, to you or any third party.
4. You agree that any claims and lawsuits related to this product and service shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court of the place of registration of iWaifu studio and shall be governed by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China (excluding conflict of laws).
5. If any clause of this agreement is invalid for any reason, the remaining clauses shall still be valid and binding on all parties.