Privacy Policy

Updated: December 4th, 2023

Thank you for visiting our website!

We have always been committed to protecting the security of your personal information while providing you with quality services. Through this Privacy Policy, we inform you about what information we may collect about you, how we collect, use, share, store, and manage this information, so that you can make better choices.

1. Important notice

1.1. We are well aware of the importance of your personal information to you. We will strictly comply with relevant regional laws and regulations and the provisions of this Privacy Policy in collecting, using, storing, sharing, and managing your personal information. To protect your rights, please read all aspects of this Privacy Policy (especially the bolded parts) carefully before using any services related to this webpage.
1.2. Our webpage may contain links or guidance that redirect you to other websites when we provide relevant services. Please note that we do not control these websites and this Privacy Policy does not apply to them in any circumstances. We recommend that you carefully read their privacy policies when accessing these websites.
1.3. Our webpage is not intended for anyone under the age of eighteen (18). If you or your child are under the age of eighteen (18), please do not access our services. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact us through the contact information provided in this Privacy Policy.

2. Collection of personal information

During your use of our services, we will only collect your personal information in very limited circumstances and to a very limited extent, only for the purpose of providing services to you, optimizing our services, and ensuring the security of your account. Specifically, we will collect information from you either passively or actively, as described below:
2.1. When you register or log in to our webpage, we may collect your email address, registration password and login time based on the necessary functions to complete the registration and login.
2.2. You may also log in to this webpage through third-party accounts (such as Google, APPLE, etc.). After you agree to this Privacy Policy, we will bind your third-party account to your account on our platform, enabling you to log in and use our services directly through your third-party account.
2.3. When you use our services, in order to provide you with continuous and stable network operation support, we may collect information such as the devices and network environment you use, including operating system (such as iOS, Windows, Android, etc.), browser (such as Chrome, Edge, etc.), IP address, screen resolution, system language, etc. This information is also helpful for us to constantly improve ourselves or our services to provide you with the best possible user experience while using our services.
2.4. When you use certain specific services, we may obtain some of your information to achieve related functions:
2.4.1. When you choose to customize your account information, we may collect the avatar, nickname, gender, and region that you upload to our website.
2.4.2. When you chat with specific characters on the webpage and choose to use the voice input function, we may need to connect to your device (microphone, speaker), and at this point, we will request permission to use the microphone or speaker through your browser. However, please rest assured that we will not record any of your other sensitive information.
2.4.3. To ensure that you have a good user experience, if you have any aversion to or discover any related negative information about our specific characters, you can contact us through the "contact us" at the bottom of the webpage or through the contact information in our privacy policy. We will promptly verify the relevant information and provide feedback to you.
2.5. We may add new consumer features for you, and you can purchase our services through online subscriptions and other means. However, please be aware that related payment services are provided by third-party payment platforms (such as Stripe, PayPal or other payment service providers). We will only obtain the payment-result verification information from the payment service provider to provide you with the corresponding payment products and services. If you would like to learn more about the specific rules for payment service providers to collect personal information, please refer to the Privacy Policy of the relevant payment platform you have chosen (as shown in the "Third-Party Service List" below).
2.6. We may use technologies such as cookies, local storage, or other similar technologies to track your progress and understand your relevant information in real-time, providing you with a smooth and high-quality user experience. We will not use the above-mentioned technologies for any purposes outside of those mentioned in this policy. Please understand that certain services can only be achieved through the use of the above-mentioned technologies. If your device or related program allows, you can change your settings or visit the provider's webpage to disable or delete the above-mentioned technologies. However, this may affect your use of our related services.
Please note that as our business develops, there may be adjustments or changes to our webpage and related services. In principle, when new features or services require us to collect and use new personal information about you, we will inform you again and obtain your consent.

3. Use of personal information

After collecting your personal information, we will use your personal information in accordance with the following rules:
3.1. We will use the collected personal information in compliance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and to achieve our service function purposes.
3.2. Please note that for all personal information you provide when using our services, unless you delete or refuse to allow us to collect through relevant settings, you will continue to authorize us to use it during the course of your use of our services. If you want to cancel or delete your account, you can do so through the "delete account" function button on the webpage or contact us through the contact information we provide. After verifying the relevant situation, we will stop using and delete your personal information according to your wishes and relevant legal provisions.
3.3. When we use your personal information for purposes not stated in this policy or for purposes other than those for which we have collected your personal information, we will actively seek your express consent in advance.

4. Third-Party Services

We may cooperate with third-party service providers and integrate third-party services into our services (as shown below). We will not share your personal information provided to us or collected by us with third-party service providers, nor will we collect personal information on their behalf.
Please be informed that third-party service providers accessed through our services may have their own privacy policies and are not bound by this Privacy Policy. Third-party service providers may collect personal information necessary to provide services to you in accordance with their own privacy policies. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to supervise third-party service providers to comply with relevant laws and regulations when handling your personal information, and we will require them to take relevant confidentiality and security measures.

Third-Party Service List:

Google Analytics
Purpose: To analyze website traffic and user behavior in order to optimize website operations and marketing strategies.
Purpose: To analyze website traffic and user behavior in order to optimize website operations and marketing strategies.
Aliyun Content Detection
Purpose: To detect whether user input contains sensitive information.
Purpose: Third-party platform payment.
Purpose: Third-party platform payment.

5. Sharing, Transfer, and Disclosure of Personal Information

We promise that without your express consent or authorization, we will not actively share, sell, or otherwise disclose to third-party service providers the personal information provided by you to us or collected by us. We will also strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations and keep your personal information confidential.

6. Personal Information Security

6.1. We attach great importance to personal information security and will take all reasonable and feasible measures to continuously protect your personal information to prevent others from accessing, tampering with, or disclosing the personal information we collect without authorization.
6.2. We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to ensure that irrelevant information is not collected.
6.3. Please understand that due to technical limitations and various malicious means, it is not possible to ensure 100% information security in the internet industry, even with the strengthening of security measures. You need to understand that the systems and communication networks used to access our services may have problems that are beyond our control.

7. Storage of Personal Information

7.1. To ensure that your personal information is lawfully protected, the personal information we collect will be stored in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the country. Within the scope permitted by local laws and regulations, we may also store the collected personal information in countries or regions outside the country where our business is located.
7.2. If we terminate our services or operation, we and our cooperative third-party platforms will promptly stop continuing to collect your personal information, and will comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations to delete or anonymize your personal information after the service operation terminates, except as otherwise provided by laws, regulations, or regulatory departments.

8. Your Rights

8.1. Inquiry of Personal Information
If you want to view the personal information you submitted to us, you can contact us through the contact information we provide.
8.2. Update and Correction of Personal Information
To ensure that your information is correct and complete, please update relevant information in a timely manner to ensure that it is accurate, up-to-date and complete. If you have any problems during this process, please feel free to contact us.
8.3. Account Cancellation or Deletion
We provide you with a way to cancel or delete your account. If you want to cancel or delete your account, you can do so by going to 【My Profile】-【Settings】-【Delete Account】on the webpage or contact us through the contact information we provide. If you request to cancel or delete your account, we will handle your request in accordance with your wishes and relevant legal provisions after verifying your relevant information.

9. Protection of Minors' Privacy

Please note that our website is not intended for anyone under the age of 18, and we have ensured that users have undergone age verification before entering our website. We will not collect any personal identity information intentionally from anyone under the age of 18. If you are a parent or guardian and you know that your child has provided personal data to us, please contact us. If we discover that we have collected personal data from anyone under the age of 18 without parental consent, we will take immediate steps to delete that information.

10. Revision and Notification of Privacy Policy

Due to changes in service content, contact methods, legal and regulatory policies, etc., we may revise this privacy policy timely. When there are changes to the privacy policy, we will publish the updated version on our webpage. Please check the latest version of the privacy policy in a timely manner.

11. Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy or other services on our webpage, you can contact us through the following methods. We will provide feedback as soon as possible after verifying the relevant information.